Serbian Fest 2023 will be by invite only.

Please join us in 2024 when we reopen to the general public with a new look!

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Join the Calgary and Foothills County Serbian community as they entertain, feed and wow you with fantastic cultural and sports events during the weekend (May 20 & 21). This exclusive event will feature a broad multicultural program. Don’t know what Serbian culture is? Come out and join us for some fabulous homemade Serbian food, cultural exhibits, sports competitions and much more. Mark it in your calendar today.

SerbianFest will be by invite only in 2023. We will be back better than ever in 2024.

COVID-19 Safety Information
While at the festival, attendees are encouraged to practice hand hygiene, practice “social distancing” and wear face coverings to reduce the risks of exposure to COVID-19. Because COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is spread mainly from person-to-person contact, SerbianFest put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, we cannot guarantee that its participants, volunteers, partners, or others in attendance will not become infected with COVID-19. If you feel unwell, please don't attend the festival. We respect everyone's choice in choosing to wear masks and take other preventative measures.

Admission - $5 / person
Saturday Night Party - $20 / person

  • Free parking
  • Now accepting electronic payments using Square®
  • Guaranteed fun for the whole family!
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16025 – 243 Ave E, Foothills, AB T1S 4C3
Intersection of Deerfoot Tr. S & Dunbow Rd. E
(across from the Heritage Pointe Golf Course)

Festival Program 2023

Saturday, May 20th 2023

Group Time
Opening Ceremony/Speeches 12:00 PM
Canadian National anthem (Bianca Mihai) + Serbian National Anthem 12:15 PM
MC - 2 min
Poem - Miroslav 12:27 PM
MC - 5 min
SKUD Frula - Dunav - Igre iz Nisa 12:35 PM
Opanak - Gracanica - Bosna (EDMONTON) 12:45 PM
SKUD Frula - Tara - Srbija 12:52 PM
MC - 5 min
SKUD Frula - Morava - Palegraj 1:05 PM
SKUD Frula - Morava - Banacansko kolo 1:08 PM
SKUD Frula - Drina - Leskovac 1:12 PM
SKUD Frula - Dunav - Ljeto prođe, ništa ne poljubi (Song) 1:19 PM
MC - 5 min
Haide na Horoto - Bulgarian Kitka (BULGARIAN) 1:28 PM
Learn Serbian steps (KOLO) 1:45 PM
MC - 5 min
SKUD Frula - Tara - Igre iz Ponisavlja 2:05 PM
Opanak - Mladji Ostrog - Igre iz Srema (EDMONTON) 2:11 PM
SKUD Frula - Sava - Sumadija 2:17 PM
SKUD Frula - Morava - Brankovo Kolo 2:26 PM
MC - 5 min
Krakusy - Polki (POLISH) 2:35 PM
Nashency - Pirinski Zadevki (BULGARIAN) 2:40 PM
Krakusy - Beskid Slaski (POLISH) 2:47 PM
Krakusy - Zywiec (POLISH) 2:55 PM
Mazovia - Spisz i góralskie (POLISH) 3:04 PM
Mazovia - Tance Kurpiowskie (POLISH) 3:14 PM
Krakusy - Cowboy Dance (POLISH) 3:20 PM
MC - 5 min
SKUD Frula - Dunav - Igre iz Toplickog Kraja 3:31 PM
Mlada Srbadija - Leskovac (BURNABY) 3:40 PM
Opanak - Stariji ostrog - Srbija (EDMONTON) 3:49 PM
Learn Serbian steps (KOLO) 3:55 PM
MC - 5 min
Mlada Srbadija - Sumadija (BURNABY) 4:10 PM
SKUD Frula - Dunav - Jezero, voda je (Song) 4:16 PM
SKUD Frula - Drina - Igre iz Centralne Srbije 4:20 PM
MC - 5 min
SKUD Frula - Sava - Bujanovac 4:32 PM
SKUD Frula - Drina - moma (Song) 4:42 PM
SKUD Frula - Dunav - Igre iz Dimitrovgrada 4:47 PM

Sunday, May 21th 2023

Group Time
MC - 5 min
SKUD Frula - Dunav - Igre iz Dimitrovgrada 12:05 PM
SKUD Frula - Drina - Igre iz Centralne Srbije 12:15 PM
Srdjan Malic - Gusla 12:22 PM
MC - 5 min
SKUD Frula - Morava - Palegraj 12:35 PM
SKUD Frula - Morava - Banacansko kolo 12:38 PM
SKUD Frula - Sava - Bujanovac 12:42 PM
SKUD Frula - Tara - Igre iz Ponisavlja 12:52 PM
SKUD Frula - Dunav - Jezero, voda je (Song) 12:58 PM
Learn Serbian steps (KOLO) 1:05 PM
MC - 5 min
Olesea Vasiliev - Doina 1:30 PM
Passion Boliviana (Bolivian) 1:42 PM
Vykrutas - Hopchok (Ukrainian) 1:50 PM
Vykrutas - Pershy Kroky (Ukrainian) 1:54 PM
Vykrutas - Polatva duet (Ukrainian) 1:58 PM
Vykrutas - Polatva solo (Ukrainian) 2:00 PM
MC - 5 min
SKUD Frula - Morava - Brankovo kolo 2:08 PM
SKUD Frula - Dunav - Igre iz Nisa 2:12 PM
SKUD Frula - Drina - moma (Song) 2:22 PM
SKUD Frula - Tara - Srbija 2:26 PM
MC - 5 min
Gypsy Queens 2:40 PM
Vykrutas - Hutsul melodies (Ukrainian) 2:50 PM
Vykrutas - Tansuite z namy (Ukrainian) 2:54 PM
Vykrutas - Hutsul Character duet (Ukrainian) 2:58 PM
Vykrutas - Polatva solo (Ukrainian) 3:00 PM
Vykrutas - Polatva duet (Ukrainian) 3:02 PM
Learn Serbian steps (KOLO) 3:05 PM
MC - 5 min
SKUD Frula - Dunav - Ljeto prođe, ništa ne poljubi (Song) 3:30 PM
SKUD Frula - Sava - Sumadija 3:35 PM
SKUD Frula - Drina - Stara Planina 3:45 PM
SKUD Frula - Dunav - Igre iz Toplickog Kraja 3:52 PM

Serbian Cuisine presented by Serbian Community

Indulge yourself in a range of exotic foods that will have your taste buds tingling at the festival. Enjoy some of Serbia’s most delicious foods and experience a small portion of Serbia’s finest cuisine. Below are some of the favourite delicacies that will be available for purchase at the Serbian Festival in Calgary.


  • Gipsy Dreams
    Gipsy Dreams


  • Transylvanian Sound
  • Moldo-Romanian Dance Group Doina
  • Mambo Productions – Lucy’s Angels
  • Pasion Boliviana Cultural Dance Society
  • Bulgarian Folk Group Haide na Horoto
  • Serbian Cultural Society Frula

Make our event special and perform at the Serbian Fest! To register email

SerbianFest Volunteers


We need your help in preparation for Serbian Fest.

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Serbian Fest 2023 invites all potential sponsors to help make our festival the best Serbian Fest to date! All sponsors and sponsorship funding is greatly appreciated and we will formally acknowledge all sponsors at the opening ceremony presentation. All donations can be made out to the Serbian Festival Society of Calgary. Again, thank you for making Serbian Fest 2023 a great event!

Sponsorship Levels Pay for Sponsorship!

For other vendor inquiries, please contact:

Sorry, no food vendors.


John Barlow

Member of Parliament for Foothills

I want to thank you for inviting us to participate in the annual Serbian Festival. We thoroughly enjoyed our day visiting with you, Premier Kenney and certainly his Excellency Mihailo Papazoglu.

The hospitality shown by yourself and the organizers was once again incredible making for an exceptional experience.

Jason Kenney

Premier of Alberta

Had a fantastic time at the #Calgary @SerbianFest. Beautiful folklore, great food, and of course slivovica! Thanks for the very warm welcome.

Mihailo Papazoglu

Serbian Ambassador to Canada

Odlična organizacija ekipe srpske zajednice i srdačnost, pokazuje mnogobrojna posećenost kanadskih zvaničnika i gostiju. Sa ponosom mogu reći da su na pravi način mogli da se upoznaju sa srpskim dostignućima, srpskim naučnicima i gastronomijom.
Upućujem Vam još jednom svoju podršku da i u budućnosti ovakva značajna manifestacija bude razlog da se srpska zajednica i mladi naraštaji okupljaju, gaje svoju tradiciju, kulturu i jezik, i da se veze izmedju Srbija i Kanade još više učvršćuju.
Srdačni pozdrav srpskoj dijaspori i Srpskom festivalu u Kalgariju. Celo pismo mozete procitati ovde.



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Main Sponsors

CSO St. Simeon (Serbian Orthodox Church)
SKUD Frula
The Italian Store
Ninaco Auto Sales
Pejovic & Associates Private Wealth Management
Protic Family
SPOLUMBO'S Fine Food & Deli
Tiki International Ltd.
Gold Sponsor
Alfa Translation and Consulting Services
Marko's Kitchen
Simprolit System
Sweet Rhapsody
Kalamata Grocery

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Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Serbia
Embassy of the Republic of Serbia
Gaga Pizzeria

Event Venue

16025-243 Ave E
(Range Road 294)
Deerfoot Tr S & Dunbow Road E
Foothills County

Contact Information

Travel Information

Head eastbound from
Alberta Highway 2
on to Dunbow Road
and follow the signs.